This letter was submitted by Alger County Action, a group from Alger County that engages in political actions, as a guest editorial. This is their unedited letter shared with you and does not necessarily represent any opinions by Roam Media. 

An Open Letter to Senator Ed McBroom, Senate Oversight Committee, and to the Michigan State Board of Canvassers

We, the undersigned, are constituents of Sen. McBroom. We are also citizens of this state. As a whole, we Michiganders, all of us – black, white, brown, rich or poor, native & newcomer – collectively made a decision. If the outcome makes you uncomfortable, it’s not a reason to disenfranchise us.

Sometimes folks on either side of the bridge want to act like we’re worlds apart. But when it comes down to it, no matter who you are or where you come from, we all want the same things. Right now, we need to move past this election and allow a smooth transition of power in the midst of a global pandemic.

Many of us worked on Election Day alongside our Republican counterparts. We were relieved at how genuinely secure the public’s votes are, given the layers of bipartisan scrutiny and the transparency. Alger County did not vote for Joe Biden, but we trust that the township clerks, the volunteer poll workers, and those who watched for candidates did everything they could to conduct a free and safe election. We have no cause to disbelieve the results, even though our candidate did not win. Neither should any other voter in this state.

Michiganders turned out in record numbers to vote; the voters decided, and our state is ready to move forward together. Playing games with the certification process does nothing but sow mistrust about our votes. You as elected and appointed officials should be focused on protecting public health during a global pandemic, not feeding lies about our state.

We hope you think very deeply about your legacy. To prolong this charade is not only an insult to our fellow Michiganders who staffed the election and to the voters who voted, but it creates an atmosphere of tension and anger that is truly dangerous. You are encouraging this tension. Please stop. Please respect the results of the 2020 general election and help us move forward so we can take on the serious issues we’re facing and grow stronger together.


Susan Rans, Munising Township
Johanna Bogater, Munising
Marilynn Bachorik, Munising
Nick Bogater, Munising
Barbara Isom, Munising
Charlie Todd, Munising
Elise Bunce, Chatham
Denise Gerth, Rumely
Debra Laurie, Au Train
Scott Hickman, AuTrain
Jill Baugnet, Munising Township
Thomas Baugnet, Munising Township
Buddha Weatherby, Onota Township
Kristin Fondriest, Munising Township
Victoria Wus, Munising
John Tait, Munising
Shirley Kriegel, Sundell
Stephen Kriegel, Sundell
Ruby Miller, Deerton
Kathleen Sendek, Trenary
Linda King Ferguson, Au Train
Sandy Ehlert, Munising
Mark Ehlert, Munising
Katherine Laing, Munising Township
Wendy Irish, Munising
Marcie Cox, Au Train
Craig Cox, Au Train
Maureen Heinonen, Trenary
David Heinonen, Trenary
Joni Hendrickson, Trenary
Deb Molitor, Chatham
Jeff Van Bremen, Chatham
Susan Nelson Gohl, Chatham
Cindy Kallio, Rumely
Michelle Hach, Munising
Steve Ford, Munising
Marjorie Moore, Au Train
Roger Moore, Au Train
Roxanne Steinhoff, Munising
Vicki Ballas, Munising

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