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Roam Media was founded in 2012 as a way of connecting adventure and storytelling through high-value video production, brand building, and marketing. Roam Media is the digital power behind the Roam family of businesses, including Munising’s local radio station WQXO 97.7FM.

Radio is an important part of any community. We believe our passion for local business, jobs, and communication allows us to deliver value through our stations. Our radio team has over 25 years of digital media and radio experience, with a very strong understanding of the fusion between the digital and radio space.

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Our Team of Professionals

Years of experience; our team is here to make your media experience better.

Ana Dolaskie

Ana Dolaskie

Managing Director

Business owner by day; wife and mother of two around the clock. Ana oversees the business management of the operation, while contributing to meaningful conversation through media journalism both off and occasionally on-air.

Casey Ford

Casey Ford

General Manager | Coffee with Casey

Not only is Casey our General Manager, he's also the voice of Coffee with Casey and a partner of 'Stang Nation, with Brice Burge. When Casey is not at the station, you can find him around Munising with his wife Valerie and their four children - yep, four!
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